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Veronica Mars Filming Locations

The Adams Avenue Car Wash Outside the Cabrillo Academy of the Sword Outside The Inn at Sunset Cliffs The Navajo Lodge Motel Petro Merica Gas Station in East Village Filming Veronica Mars inside Starcrafts in Ocean Beach Filming Veronica Mars outside The Black Bead in Ocean Beach Actress Kristen Bell on Location for Veronica Mars Veronica Mars Free to be Fearless Poster Veronica Mars Actors Jason Dohring and Teddy Dunn at Comic-Con 2005 Veronica Mars Actors Teddy Dunn and Francis Capra at Comic-Con 2005 Veronica Mars Actor Jason Dohring at Comic-Con 2005. 

Enrico Colantoni at Comic-Con 2005 Charisma Carpenter and Jason Dohring at Comic-Con 2005 Actress Charisma Carpenter at Comic-Con 2005 Veronica Mars Actor Jason Dohring at Comic-Con 2005 Veronica Mars Actors Teddy Dunn and Francis Capra at Comic-Con 2005 Veronica Mars Exec Producers Joel Silver and Rob Thomas at Comic-Con 2005 The Cast of Veronica Mars at Comic-Con 2006 Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars promotes her upcoming film Rob Thomas, Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring at Comic-Con 2006 Michael Muhney, Kristen Bell, and Francis Capra at Comic-Con 2006 Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, and Ryan Hansen at Comic-Con 2006 Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, and Ryan Hansen at Comic-Con 2006 

Ryan Hansen, Michael Muhney, Kristen Bell, and Francis Capra at Comic-Con Michael Muhney, Kristen Bell, and Francis Capra at Comic-Con 2006 

Veronica Mars was filmed in San Diego at Stu Segall Productions. The show aired in the United States on the UPN Network from 2004 - 2006, and in 2006 - 2007 aired on The CW Network. While most of the show was filmed on the Stu Segall lot, they often took huge trucks with lights, cameras, and miles of cables on the road to get that San Diego / Neptune look.

Here are a few San Diego locations for the Marsophile. These locations are ones that were used on the show multiple times and that someone visiting San Diego might find interesting places to visit.

Mars Investigations is at about the Cabrillo Academy of the Sword. The doorway seen in this photo leads up the stairs to where Mars Investigations would be. Lestat's Coffee House is below where Mars Investigations would be.

Most of the scenes filmed inside the office of Mars Investigations were, of course, on a set at the Stu Segall lot.

Cabrillo Academy is a real fencing school, not a tourist destination. If you visit have coffee and a snack downstairs at Lestat's, knowing that you are safe with Keith Mars just upstairs.

Across the street and on the same block as Mars Investigations is the car wash often seen in Season One flashbacks with Lilly Kane. It is The Adams Avenue Car Wash on Adams Avenue.

While the car wash isn't really an exciting tourist spot, it is a pretty decent place to wash your car. Bring a friend so you can say "I have a secret, it's a good one" to each other while you scrub.

Veronica Mars' apartment building as shown after the pilot episode was in the The Inn at Sunset Cliffs. The Inn at Sunset Cliffs is a real hotel, so the true Marsophile visiting from out of town can stay here, perhaps right in Veronica's apartment. Of course, it's only the outside of the apartment they filmed here, inside the apartment was a set on the studio lot. Inside the hotel room where Veronica's apartment would be looks more like a regular hotel room than it looks like the Mars apartment. If you plan to stay remember to pack your own "Unleashed" poster to get that true Mars apartment feel.

Oceanside High School was sometimes shown as Neptune High, although most times you see Neptune High on the show it was filmed on the lot at Stu Segall Studios.

Hearst College was mostly SDSU San Diego State University, but was occasionally USD University of San Diego.

Dog Beach at Ocean Beach is often used as the beach on Veronica Mars, especially if Veronica is with Backup the pitbull. You can sometimes see the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier in the background.

With a change of signs The Navajo Lodge Motel became The Camelot Motel.

The bus crash scene was at Cabrillo National Monument. The cliffs used were near the "Coast View Parking Area". A pretty nice place to visit with or without the VM ties.

This one is a little obscure, but the Petro Merica station is where Veronica got off the school bus, went to talk to Weevil, and so missed being killed in the big crash. Just the spot to fill up with gas before hitting the road to see all of these exciting locations!

The Studio Diner was occasionally seen on the show, usually only for a quick shot of the pay phone out in front. In season three they used the Studio Diner in the credits with the shot of Mac and of Wallace. It is mostly interesting to the Veronica Mars fan because it is right outside the gate to the Stu Segall lot, and has a bunch of movie and TV memorabilia.

In 2005 and 2006 much of the cast of Veronica Mars made an appearance at Comic Con in San Diego.

Here's a great outake reel from Season Two.

Here are a few more Veronica Mars locations. Not all are interesting places to visit:

Season Three
Winstons (Nightclub with live band, ep 1) - Winstons in Ocean Beach.
Film Noir Theatre (Keith And Harmony) - North Park Theatre in North Park.
Bowling Alley (Bowling with Piz) - Poway Fun Bowl in Poway.
River Stix Bar (Outside) - The Tower Bar in City Heights.
Logan Surfing with his "brother" - The Beach at Ocean Beach and the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier.

Season Two
Shark Stadium (Field Trip) - Petco Park in East Village.
Shark Stadium (Blow Up) - Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley.
River Stix Bar (Inside) - The Office in North Park.
Bowling Alley (Bowling PI Vinny) - Kearny Mesa Bowl in Kearny Mesa.
Vinny's Office - Grenada Building, SE corner of University and Grenada in North Park.

Season One
Coffee Place (Keith) - Carmel Mountain Cafe Coffee Company in Kensington.
Video Store - Kensington Video in Kensington.
Cho's Pizza Place - Paesano in North Park.