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The Beach at Pacific Beach

The Beach at Pacific Beach stretches for several sandy miles along the Pacific Ocean. The beach extends just West of Mission Boulevard, from Pacific Beach Dr North to around where Mission Boulevard meets Turquoise Drive.

Ocean Front Walk is a pedestrian and bicycle path stretching alongside the beaches at Mission Beach and the Pacific Beach. If you are looking for a place in San Diego to "people watch", try walking along or sitting at a bench or cafe on the Ocean Front Walk.

The Crystal Pier marks roughly the middle of the beach. Most of the serious surfers go North of the Crystal Pier.

Pacific Beach is one of the more urban beaches in San Diego County, and there are many restaurants and stores on and around Mission Blvd, Garnet Ave, and Grand Ave.

Facilities at the beach include lifeguard buildings and towers, outdoor showers, restrooms, barbecue pits, and some grassy areas.

There are some small parking lots along the beach which do fill up quickly. You can usually find parking on the side streets East of Mission Boulevard, but you may have to walk a bit from your car to the beach.

View of Pacific Beach from the Pacific Terrace Hotel 360 view of the Beach at Pacific Beach Looking North at Pacific Beach 

Pacific Beach and the Crystal Pier Pacific Beach South of the Crystal Pier 

4500 Mission Boulevard